AIM and AMS-IX to build six new IXs in the Gulf region

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Alliance International Management (AIM) and AMS-IX are to launch six new Internet and applications exchanges across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

Signed in Dubai during Capacity Middle East 2022 by Al-Daylami and Peter Van Burgel, CEO of AMS-IX, the agreement was by AIM on behalf of Alliance Networks, a new joint venture formed of eight technology providers and investors that aims to strengthen the connectivity of the Gulf region by bridging high speed connectivity Infrastructure with data centres and exchange platforms.

Announced in March, Alliance Networks also aims to address low-latency edge requirements and seamless content delivery to the last mile through a footprint of network nodes across the region.

The first stage of development, known the interconnection phase will see all GCC countries be interconnected, enabling it to function as a single region/country. The second stage in referred to as the deployment phase involves plans to deploy multiple interconnected internet exchanges in the region.

“AMS-IX, the world’s leading Internet and application Exchange, has been operating successfully at the core of the Internet for over 30 years and building, operating and maintaining Internet Exchanges is their expertise,” said Al Daylami, CEO of AIM.

Under the terms of the collaboration, AMS-IX will serve as the provider of neutral internet and interconnection traffic exchange platforms.

With multiple interconnected AMS-IX multi-service interconnection platforms in the region, customers will gain access to a range of services including connectivity to local carriers, Internet service providers, and content and application providers, without having to establish direct, separate connections with each network.

“AMS-IX is looking forward to enter into the partnership to work with AIM and Partners, as a key digital infrastructure provider in the region,” said van Burgel.

“We believe that AIM and Partners is a good fit for AMS-IX to provide digital infrastructure ecosystem services in the region. Regional customers and users will benefit from better network performance, modern interconnection services and truly world-class Internet and cloud connectivity.”

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